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Jun 6, 2013

06-03: Magic City Season 2 Premiere

On Monday, Julianne and Derek attended the season two premiere of Magic City, a Starz drama. I’ve added nine high quality photos to the gallery, including some with Julianne’s friend Tyson Ritter.

Apr 4, 2013

Derek Hough Slips on Secret Las Vegas Show With Sister Julianne

Looks like there’s a new Donny and Marie Osmond in town!

After last night’s Dancing With the Stars, Life & Style chatted with Derek Hough — who revealed some details about his new live Las Vegas show with sister Julianne Hough.

When we asked if him if he’s making more mental notes during production on this season’s DWTS, he shared, “For a live show in Las Vegas that Julianne and I are working on — absolutely. These little production ideas like lighting and things like that.”

But when we pressed him more, he coyly said, “Oh, whoops! Keep going!”

That’s not all the lovable sister-brother duo are working on. In February, Starz Network announced that they partnered with Julianne and Derek to develop their new original series Blackpool — a show revolving around the annual ballroom competition in Blackpool, England. The series will focus on the darker side of international competitive ballroom dancing.

Feb 26, 2013

Julianne and Derek To Executive Produce Starz Ballroom Dancing Drama

Julianne and Derek Hough are telling tales from the hidden side of the dancing world. The brother-sister pair is developing a Starz scripted drama set in the world of competitive ballroom dancing, for which they will draw on years of first-hand experiences as competitors at the world-championship level. Titled Blackpool, the drama effort will revolve around the prestigious annual ballroom competition in Blackpool, England, with a focus on the darker side of ballroom dancing.

“When you’re in the world, you’re so invested. It’s literally the be-all and end-all. But when you step back from it, you see that obsession with perfection and the fact that the lifestyle that you thought was so glamorous is actually a little shocking,” Julianne Hough says in an interview with The Hollywood Reporter. The comment comes mere weeks after Hough revealed in a Cosmopolitan cover story that she was a victim of physical and emotional abuse as a young dancer living in England.

Her brother, who appears on Dancing With the Stars, one of the many TV series that have capitalized on the interest in the dancing genre in recent years, makes clear that the series will push into hidden areas of the sport. “What makes it so interesting is seeing all of the politics and the scandal,” says Derek Hough. “It’s framed in the world of ballroom dancing, but the stories that are intertwined are of the partnerships and the sex and the love triangles.”

In addition to lending their own tales from the ultra-competitive world, the pair will serve as executive producers on the project as well as the head choreographers. At this time, they have no plans to appear onscreen, though they do intend to be actively involved in the process of hiring and casting. Julianne, currently on an international press tour for her film Safe Haven, notes that she is meeting with potential writers in London.

The siblings say that this drama is something that they have toyed with bringing to the small screen for some time. They shopped it to a handful of networks, but they say that they were particularly struck by Starz CEO Chris Albrecht’s passion for it in the room. And while they have a deep well from which to draw, they don’t intend to make this a purely autobiographical tale. “We definitely want it to be fictionalized,” says Julianne. “We’re going to start with our experiences in the world and stories that we’ve either seen or gone through, but it’ll be fun to be able to elaborate and fictionalize these characters.”