With a HUGE thanks to Gabby of Saoirse Ronan Fan, I’ve added 14 high quality images of Julianne attending the 2014 Instyle/Warner Bros. Golden Globes after-party! Check out a sampling below, or visit the link to view the rest in our gallery!

thumb 06~328 [PHOTOS] 01 12: Instyle/Warner Bros. Golden Globes After Party thumb 11~239 [PHOTOS] 01 12: Instyle/Warner Bros. Golden Globes After Party thumb 13~207 [PHOTOS] 01 12: Instyle/Warner Bros. Golden Globes After Party thumb 14~192 [PHOTOS] 01 12: Instyle/Warner Bros. Golden Globes After Party

It was just announced that Julianne would be teaming up with QVC for the FFANY Shoes on Sale event this year. The event is scheduled for Thursday, October 10, and together, the two organizations have generated more than $41 million for the cause.

This year, over 120,000 pairs of shoes from more than 80 different brands are scheduled to be offered at half the manufacturer’s suggested retail price, with net proceeds benefiting breast cancer research and education institutions.

“There are many bonds that women share. Unfortunately breast cancer is one that negatively impacts so many,” Julianne shared in a statement. “Having the opportunity to take a positive bond like a passion for shoes and adapt it to benefit a worthy cause such as this is incredibly fulfilling.”

Yesterday, Julianne attended the Georges Hobeika show for Paris Fashion Week in France. I’ve added 12 high quality images of Julianne with the man himself – Georges Hobeika – to the gallery below!

thumb 04~323 07 01: Georges Hobeika : Paris Fashion Week thumb 05~314 07 01: Georges Hobeika : Paris Fashion Week thumb 06~289 07 01: Georges Hobeika : Paris Fashion Week thumb 12~199 07 01: Georges Hobeika : Paris Fashion Week

She’s pretty fearless when it comes to her hair, having recently gone shorter and lighter, but this is by far the most daring do Julianne Hough has ever sported.

In celebration of the Met Gala’s punk theme, the actress opted for an updo that complements the spiderweb-like pattern on her Topshop dress.

“It’s literally like we created a fishnet over the back of her head,” says co-owner of Nine Zero One Salon
Riawna Capri, who jokes that she used “like a hundred” black bobby pins. (Check out this cute behind-the-scenes photo!)

To get the look, which was inspired by something similar Capri spotted on a Zac Posen runway, she prepped Hough’s hair with Vidal Sassoon Pro Series Boost & Lift Foaming Air Mousse for volume in the front and a heat protectant to add shine. After blow-drying she applied Vidal Sassoon Mega Firm Hold Gel before creating three mini ponytails on either side of Hough’s head so the hair would stay taut against her head.

“Basically after that we just pinned and pulled and crossed over throughout until we created the fishnet looking thing.”

Capri used a roller to add lift to Hough’s bangs and after much deliberation, they decided to put her fringe up. She then misted the do with two different Vidal Sassoon hairsprays (“once we decided we loved it, we locked it in with a strong hold formula.”)

We doubt Hough ever went through an actual punk phase, but it appears that she enjoyed her one night as a beauty rebel.

For the third year in a row, Julianne attended the MET Gala last night in a gorgeous dress by Topshot! Check out 12 high quality photos from the event below:

thumb 06~263 May 6th: PUNK: Chaos To Couture Costume Institute Gala thumb 07~249 May 6th: PUNK: Chaos To Couture Costume Institute Gala thumb 10~195 May 6th: PUNK: Chaos To Couture Costume Institute Gala thumb 12~181 May 6th: PUNK: Chaos To Couture Costume Institute Gala

I’ve updated the gallery to include new images from events Julianne has attended in the last few weeks. You can check out the various photos below!

thumb 04~211 Gallery Update  Gallery Update thumb 06~181 Gallery Update thumb 10~131 Gallery Update

thumb 57~22 Gallery Update  Gallery Update thumb 04~204 Gallery Update  Gallery Update

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It’s that time of year again and all of our schedules are packed with holiday parties!

So, when we caught up with Julianne Hough at the Fulfillment Fund Stars Gala, we asked the blonde bombshell to give us her three rules for going out. Suffice it to say, Ryan Seacrest’s other half keeps it pretty simple!

1. Brush Your Teeth: And “mouthwash it up,” Julianne says. After all, nothing can kill the mood quicker than bad breath! Plus, once you get your mouth smelling extra-fresh, you’re already ready to enforce rule number two.

2. Smooch Your Pup: If you have your own canine companion, you’re probably already abiding by this one—but Julianne’s numero dos rule is, she says, “Say goodbye to the dogs!” If you aren’t already—pucker up and plant one on the pups before you dash out the door. Julianne never leaves the house without taking a little extra time to tell her canine children she’s coming “right back.”

And finally…

3. Give Your Outfit One Last Look: Julianne tells us, “If I feel like I’m overdressed, I take something off… Like a piece of jewelry or I had a brighter lip on tonight and I took it off because I felt like it was too much.” If you’re questioning whether or not you’ve overdone it, she says, you probably have. Sometimes we have so many amazing accessories, we want to wear them all. But there is a fine line between fashionable and Flava Flav, so be selective!

What do you think of Julianne’s three tips? Anything to add to this list?


Julianne Hough gave Life & Style the inside scoop on her dress for the upcoming 2012 Emmy Awards – and says it’s a departure from her normal style!

“It’s something that is daring and very different from what people have seen me in. We’ll see if I can pull it off!” she told Life & Style at the Elle & Sundance Channel’s “All on the Line with Joe Zee” celebration presented by Henri Bendel on Sept. 19.

The dancer and actress, 24, explains to Life & Style that she worked with stylist Anita Patrickson to pick the dress. “It’s a couture dress. I’ve never worn couture in my life, and I’m very excited!”

And, of course, her boyfriend’s approval was key. “Ryan likes it,” Julianne added with a smile about her boyfriend, Ryan Seacrest. But fashion aside, she’s hoping to bring her man some luck during the Emmys. The American Idol and radio host, who has been dating Julianne since 2010, is nominated for Outstanding Host.

Julianne, who will attend the Emmys with Ryan’s family, says, “I hope that he knows that we love him. He’s our favorite host.”

Last night, Julianne attended the Met Gala in NYC and wore a beautiful pink gown by the talented Carolina Herrera! What did you think of Julianne’s dress?

thumb 01~88 Julianne at the Met Gala thumb 05~81 Julianne at the Met Gala thumb 07~65 Julianne at the Met Gala thumb 33~14 Julianne at the Met Gala

APPEARANCES > 2012 05-07: Met Gala