Julianne and Derek stopped by Access Hollywood to talk about Move Live On Tour, Dancing with the Stars, and they even played a game about who knew each other better. Check out the videos below!

I’ve added 6 high quality stills from Julianne’s stint as a guest judge on Monday night’s DWTS to the gallery! Thank you so much to Modern Family Source for these incredible photos! Check them out by following the link below.

In addition, check out below for a few videos of Julianne doing post-DWTS interviews. In the first, Julianne says she stands behind her comments to Maks, clarifying that she simply wanted to see more of Danica’s dancing and that, compared to his jive with Meryl, she didn’t feel as if there was nearly as much content. In the second, she talks about the upcoming tour, how it felt to be a judge again, and more on her comments to Maks.

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In an online exclusive clip, MTV has given us a sneak peak at next week’s episode of Punk’d featuring Twilight actor Kellan Lutz punking Julianne! It appears Derek is in on the gag as the accomplice, who falls into a mud pit and injures himself. Julianne, as you can imagine, freaks out (in a completely adorable way)! Check out the clip below and remember to tune into MTV this Thursday to watch how it all goes down!

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While attending the Met Gala in NYC last night, Julianne mentioned to Access Hollywood exclusively that she ‘may or may not be’ appearing next week on the show to promote Rock of Ages! So it sounds as if Julianne will be back in the ballroom!

Last night, Julianne donned a Kaufman Franco black strapless gown to the 54th Grammy Awards which had E! co-hosts Kelly Osbourne and Ross Matthews comparing her to Jennifer Aniston! Giuliana Ranic, Ryan’s E!News co-host interviewed Julianne on the red carpet where the two discussed Julianne’s busy schedule (including her move to New Orleans in two weeks to begin shooting the untilted Diabo Cody project), Footloose being shown on nearly every airplane, and Ryan’s help picking out her beautiful, stunning dress!

46 high quality pictures from the red carpet and a few audience photos of Julianne and Ryan sitting together are below!

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Ryan Seacrest, Julianne’s boyfriend of two years, was on Jay Leno’s The Tonight Show Friday night. When asked about Julianne and his relationship and whether he ‘sees it going somewhere’, Ryan had the following to say:

Starting Saturday, January 21st at 6PM EST, Game Show Network will begin airing Season Four of Dancing with the Stars! For those of you who remember, this was Julianne’s very first season of the show, where she partnered with Olympic gold medalist Apolo Anton Ohno and went on to win her very first mirrorball trophy. Make sure to tune in starting January 21st to see the season from the beginning and relive Julianne’s first season! At the time, she was only eighteen! What a difference five years can make in her career!

Thanks to ComingSoon.net, the RoA teaser trailer has been released early! Take a look below to see the first look of Julianne as Sherrie Christian!

I’ve added 97 high quality screencaps to the gallery! These are 1920x1080px, so they’re pretty big and perfect for graphics!

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Will you be going to see Rock of Ages when it’s released this June? What do you think of the trailer?

Julianne performed at Trevor Live for The Trevor Project the other night, as referenced in the post below this. Below is a red carpet interview Julianne did where she discusses Rock of Ages and why The Trevor Project is so important to the youth today and a video of her performance of Baby, It’s Cold Outside with Rock of Ages co-star Diego Boneta!