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I know there’s a good chance you’ll never see this (you probably have thousands of tweets to sort through!) but I needed the chance to tell you, on your birthday, just how much your fans love tou. I wanted to say how much you’ve inspired me. I look at all you’ve accomplished in twenty four short years and believe that no matter what, if I just keep persevering, nothing is impossible. You could have given up so many times in your life, but instead you believed in yourself. No matter what anyone said, you believed in your talent – in who you are – and you chased your dreams. Better yet: you made those dreams a REALITY. You are an inspiration, Julianne. Thank you. You will never understand how much I look up to you and how, truly, you’ve helped me to keep fighting. I know you’ve touched not only my life, but so many others. Please remember: you are loved by all of your fans. So on your days of doubt, remember we only see you in a positive light. For five years, I’ve been your fan and I think I will always be in awe of what a humble, kind, and selfless woman you are. You care so much about others and I hope you know that you inspire all of us to be a little more self-sacrificing. You inspire us to follow our dreams. You remind us to believe in ourselves and our dreams. Thank you for everything, Julianne. I can never tell you how much you’ve done for me, personally, and I know I’m not alone. Happy birthday! I hope you have a blessed 24th year and that every last dream you have comes true this year. We’ll be cheering you on! <3 -Ashley at JAH Online

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