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Name: Julianne Hough Online
URL: https://julianneahough.com / http://juliannehough.org
Previous Domains: http://juliannephotos.com
Owner: Ashley
Why Julianne?: I’ve been a fan of Julianne’s since her first dance on Dancing with the Stars. Four years later, I had followed her career from dancing to singing and then to the big screen. Julianne’s one of the most driven people I’ve ever seen, never letting a single ‘no’ stand in her way. Julianne’s still achieving her dreams and doing it with hard work and her fun personality. She has the biggest heart and has used her celebrity status to bring awareness to charities close to her heart and that makes me proud to be a fan. A fan since 2007, I’m so honored that I have the opportunity to provide news for other fans!